Many business consultants feel the number one failure of a new business is under capitalization.  To prevent this problem, it is a good idea to explore multiple options for funding your business.  In Medina County, we have a number of organizations that can help with funding issues.

Getting Prepared

Finding the right accounting software can be daunting. Professionals that provide bookkeeping services can make quick work of your accounting needs and prepare you for your taxes. If you have fewer than 20 customers, you may choose to handle your accounting on your own. In those cases, there are resources to help: helps you get free, online bookkeeping software
Intuit is the leader in accounting software and offers ways to determine which product is right for you.
Find Accounting Software is a service that helps you find the right tools for you.

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Get money faster: Low cost online invoicing and credit card processing tools
Bean Accounting 101 and Understanding Where You Stand by MasterCard help you understand financial statements.
Loan Documentation – an Introduction for Small Businesses
Estimating Breakeven Sales for your Small Business