Lifting calculator, pushing & pulling calculator, and checklists
Push, Pull, Carry calculator
Employee safety – desktop computer users
Recommendations for computer users from Cornell University
Employee safety – back injury prevention
Employee safety – fitting the task to the person
A checklist for new employee safety training on construction sites
Best practices for manufacturing
Best practices for health care
Nursing Home OSHA e-tool
Coping with Heat Stress
Sample vehicle safety program for small businesses in the construction industry
Laboratory Workstation Evaluation Checklist
Safety Begins with ME! Free industrial safety program (4 hour of videos)
Preventing employee exposure to unguarded or inadequately guarded machines

Ergonomics Ideas Bank
Industry-specific ergonomic tools – find your industry here
Employee safety – easy ergonomics
Ergonomic tools for baggage handlers, deliverers, electricians, warehousing, and others
Employee safety – ergonomics in action for the food processing industry
Ergonomic Injury Prevention in Healthcare Service
Ergonomics Training Resources for the Poultry Industry
Ergonomic stretch breaks for employees
Ergonomics poster for small restaurants