Protecting your property is critical whether you work in an office or out of your home.

Business insurance
Prevent business identity theft: Sign up for Secretary of State’s notification program
Homeland Security: Tools for Small Business
Protect your equipment and data: Security Squad Video Series
Protect your small business from cyber-attack
Crime prevention
Crime Prevention Ideas for Businesses
Preventing Vendor Fraud and Theft
Find resources to protect your innovations, spur creativity, and market products safely at home and abroad.
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Protect Your Workforce Campaign

Preventing fraud in your business
Small businesses can be very susceptible to internal fraud as more employees have access to information and controls may be more relaxed. To protect yourself, here are some assistance:
ACFE Fraud Prevention Check-Up
Internal Controls for Small Business to Reduce the Risk of Fraud
Five Steps to Prevent Fraud in Your Business
Creating a Code of Ethics

Copyright, Patent and Trademark
Copyright, patent and trademark are ways businesses can protect intellectual property. If you have something you want to protect, it is vital to get an attorney who specializes in that field to help you protect it. Some of the considerations include where you will protect it i.e. what countries, what is specifically covered and what isn’t. Some tools and guides for helping with this process are as follows:
Top Ten Scam Warning Signs
Patent Basics
IP Awareness Assessment