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The key to a successful marketing plan is understanding your target market(s). These are the people who truly fit your products or services. That isn’t to say they are the only people who will buy from you; just that they are the best targets. Focusing your marketing efforts on your target market means you will spend your marketing dollars wisely, be able to tailor your message, and be more successful.

The easiest way to develop your target markets is to consider your favorite customer or client. Write down everything you know about them off the top of your head – male or female, age, where they live, do they have a family, likes, dislikes, etc. The more complete the profile, the easier it is to determine how to market to get more people like them.

For most companies, 5-7 profiles are enough to get a good idea of your target customer base.  These profiles will help you determine where to spend your marketing time and money.  For instance, if your primary targets are over 70, yellow page advertising is a good idea. If your targets are 50+ business owners in manufacturing, you will need a different approach.  Once you understand key demographic information about your customers, research on-line studies done to target those individuals as well as how they like to receive information.  Someone between the ages of 34 and 52 will probably respond best to email while someone older would rather receive a phone call or visit. Someone younger would prefer a text or a message on social media.

The development of your target market will help you determine how to move forward in your marketing efforts.  You will be able to see where to advertise, how to use social media, how to answer those phone calls from the next-greatest-marketing-tool and where to focus your time. Growing your customer base with those customers you truly want and can serve well will help you and your team increase sales and drive your business!

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